OpenBCM V1.07b6_bn2 (Linux)

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 Login: GAST

Date: 08.12.2021 06:37:59l

OpenBCM V1.07b6_bn2 (Linux) *CB-BCMNET*
(c) GNU GPL 1992-2014 F. Radlherr, DL8MBT et al.
OpenBCM is maintained by Markus Baumann, DH8YMB
CB-BCMNET-Version -
Compiled Oct  7 2015 17:50:54 with GCC 4.6.3
and support for:
filesurf mailserver pocsagserver servif radioif
mdpw serial guest ax25k autofwd runutils
macro yapp filefwd telnetfwd didadit userLT
fwd-edit rej-edit conv-edit extract cb-bcmnet-gateway
fbbcheckmode users4convert fts oldmailimport
Uptime: 44.06:01
CPU: 0x41  BogoMips: 38.40
OS: Linux version 4.1.19
PR-Interface: OpenBCM-L2 200 ports, Linux Kernel AX25
Available Memory / Used Swap                : 816100 kB / 0 kB
Info-Path: /home/cb/bcm/info                : 22724 MB  (29832 MB)
User-Path: /home/cb/bcm/user                : 22724 MB  (29832 MB)
BCM-Home:  /home/cb/bcm                     : 22724 MB  (29832 MB)
Filesurf:  not defined

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